Black Hole

This animation was commissioned as part of a larger multi-faceted installation called Black (W)hole. This dynamically generated simulation depicts a black hole and its accretion disc made of gas and dust. When another black hole approaches the center, a “Zoom Whirl Orbit” is generated until the singularities crash into each other. This is what generates gravitational waves. 

The piece was created for the Celebrating Einstein conference at Montana State University, and is based on his theoretical predictions about gravitational waves. Since the creation of the piece, gravitational waves have been observationally confirmed by the LIGO experiment. 

Various forms of the project have been exhibited around the world, in both art and science venues. Black (W)hole was made possible through founding from the National Science Foundation. 

Black Hole Simulation (excerpt)
HD animation, custom software
10:00 minutes

Simulation Collaborators:

Nico Yunes
Sara Mast
Jason Bolte
Black (W)hole Team:
Nico Yunes
Sara Mast
Jason Bolte
Jessica Jellison
Cindy Stillwell
Charles Kankelborg
Joey Schapiro Key