The Drake Equation plots the probability of intelligent life arising in the universe, accounting for the habitability of planets, the existence of civilizations, their communicability and longevity. The SETI Institute (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) has been listening for radio signals in the night sky for decades with the Drake Equation as their guide. 

Kepler-144 is a visualization created from SETI’s observations of Kepler-144, an exoplanet deemed a potential life-bearing world. SETI observed this planet for radio emissions from their Hat Creek Observatory, and later released the observations to online communities who enthusiastically comb through readings for signs of life. 

The visualization is made from collecting individual observational frames from these public forums, and assembling them into a whole. This visualization creates a gradient of noise to signal. Increasing layers of data are applied as one moves from left to right, creating a transition from static to what appears to be a pattern of stars. Despite this visual effect, the image is depicts our lonesomeness, a record of listening for those who aren’t there.